Removal Requests (Copyright Infringement)

If you have any reason to believe that LuckyMenus.Review is encroaching, infringing and/or is improperly using material that you hold copyright to, please reference our copyright/work product review policies herein contained.

For any copyright infringement-based grievances, please email

Please state in the Subject Line: REMOVAL REQUEST

Please include the following in the body of the request for review:

  1. The complete internet address where you believe a violation exists;
  2. The name of the restaurant contained on that page;
  3. Your relation to said restaurant and/or the alleged copyrighted material;and
  4. A brief explanation as to why you believe that your copyright is being infringed upon; and   
  5. A reference to your copyright. If you have forgotten and/or do not possess your copyright information please see:

Please allow us at least 48 hours to review your grievance. If we determine that your grievance has merit, we will promptly remove the content. 

If we determine that there is merit to your request, whether you are a menu creator who has put ads to help generate revenue or a restaurant owner, representative, agent and/or legal counsel therefore, we will honor your request. However, this website serves not only to provide our users with information concerning your services and/or products, we provide free exposure to the business’ we post. We would be happy to discuss any issues that you may have with us connecting your business and/or product with interested consumers.

If you are not pleased with how your restaurant’s menu is displayed, LuckyMenus.Review is happy to discuss how the menu is arranged on our site. LuckyMenus.Review can even add additional menu information if requested by the restaurant’s owner, operator, agent, and/or other authorized person. i.e.(specials, promotions, etc..)

In the case that you do not wish your menu to appear, LuckyMenus.Review reserves the right, pursuant to Section 102 of the Copyright Act (title 17 of the United States Code), to list the products and/or services you provide to the best of LuckyMenus.Review’s ability. LuckyMenus.Review, as stated herein, does not verify that the information it provides is accurate or current.